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The management and staff at Cenogenics have the professional integrity, scientific skills and financial resource to competently work for you. Our products are widely accepted for good reasons:

  • Low cost per patient test is a feature of all our kits.
  • Our products are accurate. Your professional judgment will not be compromised.
  • Easily read reactions permit confident interpretation.
  • No expensive equipment is required. Our kits provide everything you need.
  • Kit refill reagents are available individually.
  • Long shelf lives permit purchase of economical volumes at substantial savings.

We are committed to preparing the best possible products for your organization. For more information on becoming a distributor of Cenogenics’ products, please call us toll free at 1-800-747-9457 or use our online Request Information / Quote form.

Distributors and Clients Considering Cenogenics’ Products

Cenogenics Corporation together with our manufacturing subsidiary, Laboratory Diagnostics, brings well developed experience to the contract manufacture and marketing of a broad range of diagnostic kits and reagents.  Our products include very sensitive PREGNANCY test systems, reagents for SYPHILIS SEROLOGY, very stable, non-prozoning latex tests for C-REACTIVE PROTEIN and RHEUMATOID FACTOR diagnostic kits, FEBRILE ANTIGEN Reagents, Brucella Rose Bengal Antigen and STOOL BLOOD Test Kits.

We have added a very reliable and easy to use one reagent ASO Latex test.  Our ASO Latex procedure eliminates the time consuming old hemolytic system and, consequently, provides an inexpensive but reliable improvement for diagnosing streptococcal infections.

Mononucleosis and Pregnancy Testing Products

Our infectious mononucleosis product, MONODEX, has 18 month shelf-life, ease of readability and precise sensitivity (i.e., consistently positive at a diagnostic 1:56 titer).  The excellent sensitivity and specificity of the very stable MONODEX reagent has made the screening kit version popular worldwide.

Our one-step urine and urine/serum pregnancy strip and cassette tests will detect 25 mIU/ml of pregnancy hormone. The reliability of our Accunate-Choice One Step Serum/Urine test has led to its preferred use by many international institutions and clinics. Easily read even at low hormone levels, our ACCUNATE pregnancy and LH systems are available packaged individually in foil pouches in bulk quantities.

Colorectal Cancer Testing

A principal product of our manufacture is our guaiac based STOOL BLOOD TEST which embodies our impregnation and web machine design talents. Our STOOL BLOOD TEST was among the earliest developed guaiac occult blood slide test. It is utilized by the American Cancer Society and worldwide as an important diagnostic test for colorectal cancer screening. You may be interested to know that Hemoccult was a product of one of our corporate subsidiaries, the manufacturing technology of which was sold to SmithKline in 1972. We continue to manufacture stool occult blood products under our label as well as under private label for other companies around the world.

Paper Impregnated Chemistries for Medical and Industrial Purposes

Additionally, our company holds special skills in the impregnation of high quality papers for various diagnostic and industrial purposes. These developments include systems for a new stool blood test device and various membrane and porous plug diagnostic systems. We have developed many products for many organizations using impregnation or other techniques.

In addition to medical applications, the company has used its paper impregnation methods and special equipment to produce an end-tidal CO2 monitor used to determine the proper placement of an endotracheal tube for a sensor manufacturer, a test to determine degradation of deep-fry cooking oil for a major food group and a test system to detect leaks in aircraft weld seams for a commercial airline manufacturer.

Control Sera Manufacturing

Our company also produces various control sera in bulk for other manufacturers and can process animal and human sera as diagnostic and pharmaceutical raw materials.  Our special serum processing techniques allow us to produce stable CONTROL SERA. Additional resources include a wide range of human serum material with various clinically elevated protein, hormone or antibody concentrations.

Dedicated to Product Quality

The management and staff at Cenogenics have the professional integrity, scientific skills, research and manufacturing talent, and financial resource to competently work for you.  Use of our test kits and reagents assures you will receive the highest quality products adjusted to provide optimum reactivity and consistent sensitivity. Consistent quality and ease of use and interpretation of results have made Cenogenics’ products the preferred choice among performance minded users.

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