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Diagnostic Kits and Reagents

Stool - Occult Blood - Cenogenics Stool Blood Products provide specific and sensitive results evidenced by a higher number of correct positive results and few false negative reports

Febrile (Widal) Anitgens - Cenogenics Corporation manufactures Febrile Antigen test products for testing a variety of  bacteria including paratyphoid, Brucella Melitensis, Salmonella, Thyphoid H, Proteus OX19 and many more.

Colorectal Cancer - Cenogenics manufactures fecal occult blood test kits to aid in the detection of cancer of the colon, recturm and bowel

Reference Materials - Cenogenics offers a variety of articles pertaining to the use of Fecal Occult Blood Testing

Veterinary Products


Cenogenics Corporation Information

About Cenogenics - Cenogenics is a manufacturer of a variety of diagnostic test kits and reagents for the medical health care field. Our products include tests for pregnancy and colorectal cancer as well as reagents for syphilis.

What's New -

Private Labels - Cenogenics provides complete conceptualization, formulation and packaging services for your private-label products

Contract Manufacturing -

Joint Ventures -

Be a Distributor - Cenogenics offers a variety of diagnostic test products and reagents for distribution. Our products are tested to be accurate and provide medically approved results.

Request Information / Quote - Contact Cenogenics for information on our medical diagnostic testing products or to inquire about our private labeling and contract manufacturing services.

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